Farm Fencing and Supplies in the Yukon

The professionals at Hurlburt Enterprises Inc. provide farm fencing and supplies in Yukon, with nearly 3 decades in business. We know that every farm field and ranch presents its own unique needs and challenges. We offer products to meet those challenges and to make your job easier and more convenient. Some of the products we provide include:

  • Calving supplies

  • Farm fencing

  • Cattle ID

  • Feed

  • Hay and silage

  • Livestock health

  • Livestock equipment

  • Pest control

  • Shelters and sheds

  • Show supplies

  • Scare cannons

  • Scare cartridges and launchers

  • Audio bird and animal repellers

  • Bear deterrents and bear spray

  • Visual scare products

  • Electric fencing

  • Live traps and animal handling

Hurlburt Enterprises carries products from the following brands:

Hay and Alfalfa Cubes Available

We can help you protect the health of your livestock with quality feed.

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